Internet Users’ declaration draft

February 25, 2008

Please feel free to send your comments on issues you would like to see included in the first ICANN Internet users’s declaration document, which we (EURALO) would like to present at the ICANN European Regional At-large meeting, in Paris, June 2008. We would appreciate both, the global as well as an european perspective.

Some examples of issues, that I think should be included:

– Privacy (data mining, data abuse) and Whois

– Contractual Compliance and Enforcement: Registrants should be able to enforce their rights, so called third parties should not be prohibited in enforcing their rights.

– Enforcement of competition among registrars

– Enlargement of the choice of TLDs: increase the number of TLDs and stop delaying the process

– IDNs: Strengthening cultural diversity; enforcing competition: there is no such thing as translation of skripts and therefore no predetermined owner rights on future IDNs.

– political independance


Annette Muehlberg


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February 25, 2008

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